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Emergency Management Tools and Resources

Office of Preparedness/Training (NA-40)

The Office of Preparedness/ Training (OP/T) provides timely, innovative and relevant training and education to enhance the readiness of personnel in the radiological-nuclear emergency operations community. (Account Required)

Texas Interagency Coordination Center (TICC)

All Hazard Incident Management Team (AHIMT) Resources (Open Product)

NWS GOES (East) Satellite

GOES Satellite Data for the Texas Panhandle from the NOAA Satellite and Information Service. Adobe Flash Required. (Open Product)

NWS Weather Radar for the Texas Panhandle

National Weather Service Radar for The Texas Panhandle (KAMA). Adobe Flash Required. (Open Product)

Texas Panhandle Weather Hashtag Search on Twitter

Quick search of Twitter for the Panhandle Weather Hashtag (#PHWX) (Open Product)

RSOE EDIS - Emergency and Disaster Information Service

Global Disaster Information Service Network. USA Map Data. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Caution: Data may still list events more than 6 months old. (Open Product)

Trendsmap using Twitter Data

From Trendsmap: "You start with a view of your region where you can see the trending topics. You can scroll the maps by dragging to another area, or zoom in or out using the plus/minus icons. When you see something that looks interesting click on that topic for more information such as graphs of the volume of tweets locally vs. worldwide, what the topic is most likely about, images, links, and most recent tweets." (Open Product, but Free account required.)


From CrisisNET: "CrisisNET finds, formats and exposes crisis data in a simple, intuitive structure that’s accessible anywhere. Now developers, journalists and analysts can skip the days of tedious data processing and get to work in minutes with only a few lines of code." (Open Product, but Free account required.)


Blog of current Crisis Information and API Information for Data Extraction. (Open Product)

FEMA Emergency Management Institute

The online source for all Federal Emergency Management Agency Training. I've spent countless hours here. (A Free and Open Product)

Earth Point Coordinate Conversion Service

Enter a lat/long. coordinate and convert to UTM, UPS, MGRS, USNG, Georef and Maidenhead. WGS84 Datum Only. (Open Product)

Electronic Fingerprinting Service in Texas

From the IdentoGo Website: "IdentoGO Centers provide convenient, professional environments for live scan (electronic) fingerprinting services, delivered by trained Enrollment Agents. IdentoGO by MorphoTrust is the exclusive live scan fingerprinting provider for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and is a certified FBI Channeling Agent." (Open Product)

Rite In The Rain Brand ICS 214 Notebook.

Handy water resistant notebook for recording unit activities. Unit Log ICS Form 214.

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